Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist

If the details of Operation Mockingbird became widely known, no one would read or watch any news from the mainstream media anymore, and their effort to control public opinion would fail.


Operation Falcon and the Looming Police State

Operation Falcon is the clearest indication that the Bush administration is fine-tuning its shock-troops so it can roll up tens of thousands of people at a moment's notice and toss them into the newly-built Halliburton detention camps. This should be a red flag for anyone who cares about human rights, civil liberties, or simply saving his own skin.

THC fights tumors.

THC has shown to actually inhibit the growth of tumors, that's why heavy pot smokers like you, aren't at any greater risk of getting lung cancer. Feel better now?


Next in the Financial Crisis: Possible Criminal Charges

Investors and taxpayers angry about the government bailout of seemingly mismanaged financial firms can probably count on a wave of criminal indictments in the coming months, say white- collar crime experts.


Blackwater Floats Private Navy To Fight Pirates

Although Blackwater temporarily lost its license to operate in Iraq, the U.S. State Department ultimately reinstated it. The company's decision to provide maritime security services reflects rising concerns in the maritime industry about sea piracy- we must not forget the world currently transports 80% of all international freight by sea.
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Survey says Israel has the worst brand in the world

A new survey published in the US Wednesday says that Israel is suffering from the worst public image among all countries of the world. "Israel's brand is by a considerable margin the most negative we have ever measured in the NBI, and comes at the bottom of the ranking on almost every question," states report author Simon Anholt.

General strike shuts down Greece

Public offices across the country were forced to close, with hundreds of thousands of people reported to have joined the nationwide strike called by private sector umbrella union GSEE and its public sector counterpart ADEDY, representing around 2.5 million people--around half of Greece's workforce.

Weaponizing the Pentagon's Cyborg Insects

Biological weapons delivered by cyborg insects. It sounds like a nightmare scenario straight out of the wilder realms of science fiction, but it could be a reality, if a current Pentagon project comes to fruition.
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'Flying syringe' mosquitos, other ideas get Gates funding

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded 100,000 dollars each on Wednesday to scientists in 22 countries including funding for a Japanese proposal to turn mosquitos into "flying syringes" delivering vaccines.
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What is 'Fascism,' exactly? Did you know they have their own symbols?
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