8 States Threatening To Remove Obama From Ballot-FL, CA…

Lawsuits in eight states as of this writing– Hawaii, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia. Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut, are seeking judicial authority to force the certifying or decertifying of Senator Barack Obama’s qualification to run as a candidate for President as a natural born U.S. Citizen. Previously, two lawsuits have failed to force the certifying documents from Obama.


Altering the Food Supply: Reason Enough to Hang Our World Leaders

When the first H-Bomb was tested scientists were not certain whether the explosion could be contained. They thought that the entire planet might be destroyed in an explosive chain reaction. Yet they went ahead anyway! GM is a similar calculated risk


High Time to Boycott Elections

Barack Obama has voted for all the war funding bills that have gone through the Congress; Obama has voted for USA PATRIOT ACT that effectively suspended the habeas corpus, and he voted for the FISA bill that gave free reign to government to spy on all Americans; his Democratic Party has gone along with policies allowing torture, and we have not heard a single word out of candidate Obama regarding the evils of torturing people


Pentagon Advisors Warn Of Coming International Crisis

The chairman of a key Pentagon advisory panel has echoed recent claims by both Joe Biden and Colin Powell, warning that the next administration will face an international crisis within months of taking office.


VP Candidate Sarah Palin supports a new 9/11 investigation

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was asked if she supports a new investigation into 9/11 called for by the victims' family members. This was her answer.
(Bear in mind this woman cannot name a single newspaper that she reads)

America is The Worlds Worst Prison State

The irrefutable fact that our Land of Liberty has been turned into the worlds leading Prison State is shown by the U.S. Department of Justice statistics. The frightening aspect is that our out of control government is not stopping here, they are literally building more prisons not only in the U.S. but internationally.


Ralph Nader Urges Court to Challenge Corporate Personhood

Corporations are artificial legal entities. They are not humans. They do not vote. They do not have children. They do not die in Iraq. Why have they been given all the rights under our Constitution, except for the right against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment, and why did they obtain these rights from judges,not from the legislature?


NZ Police want prepaid mobiles registered

Police are calling for prepaid cellphone customers to be registered on a national database to stop criminals using the phones.

Criminals are known to use the phones, which can be purchased without identification, because they believe they cannot be traced and can be disposed of easily.


Generals Try to Stop Imminent World War III

A most stunning report is circulating in the Kremlin stating that some of the most Senior Generals in the United States Military are ‘pleading’ for ‘immediate’ help from both Russian and European Military to prevent their current President from starting World War III in the coming weeks.


UK Soil Association: We must grow our own food

Monty Don is the new president of the Soil Association. In a recent lecture in London, he said he was appointed because of his passionate belief that everyone can reconnect to nature through gardening and growing. The skills, knowledge and resources of British gardeners can transform, rebuild and stabilize our food systems and our society, he insisted. It’s about food security, an entire cultural approach to food that can harness horticultural skills as a serious part of our national food supply and integrate into our whole approach to life.

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