Zbigniew Brzezinski - Puppet Master of Obama

Brzezinski is an 80-year old man from Poland who despises Russia. He was behind the catastrophic Carter administration. Brzezinski has the ultimate plan of preventing China from gaining access to African oil. China must have access to African oil or else the Chinese economy will recess rapidly.


The CIA And US Government Run The Drug Trade.

Ten minute clip that shows the government and the CIA are utterly guilty of not only importing tons of cocaine into the country but blatently using the media to advertise their product and cause the crack epidemic. Has footage of George Bush Senior holding up a bag of crack in his office, pretty much just advertising it to the world...

Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Nov 5, 2008

Texas Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned that the euphoria surrounding the election of Barack Obama combined with the overwhelming fear of major international crises could facilitate a cataclysmic shift toward a new world order.

Appearing live on the Alex Jones show earlier today, the Congressman spoke of a feeling of dread surrounding the change of guard both in the White House and on Capitol Hill:

“I do feel it but I don’t think it’s brand new, I didn’t wake up with it, I’ve had it for a while, I don’t think the election was a surprise, but the rhetoric is getting pretty strong and they are getting very bold.” he commented.

Israel industry using West Bank as chemical dump

The Israeli administration has buried more than 50 percent, or three million tons, of its nuclear and chemical waste in the occupied West Bank. Most of the waste comes from the Israeli industrial zones and is buried secretly causing slow death and disease as it seeps from the soil, PNN partner station Radio Dream reports.


Obama the Messiah is going to produce profound disillusion


There is a video clip running on YouTube at the moment which shows a black woman moved nearly to tears at an Obama rally, telling a television interviewer that all her problems will be at an end when he is elected president. She won’t have to worry anymore about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage because “he will help me”.

Between Hope and Reality

Dear Senator Obama: In your nearly two-year presidential campaign, the words "hope and change," "change and hope" have been your trademark declarations. Yet there is an asymmetry between those objectives and your political character that succumbs to contrary centers of power that want not "hope and change" but the continuation


New LED Bulbs Look Weirder, Save More Energy

A hugely better alternative than mercury containing fluoro bulbs.


Big Pharma May be Handed Blanket Immunity for All Drug Side Effects, Deaths

The Supreme Court may rule that pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for dangerous or even deadly side effects from their drugs if those side effects arise from an FDA-approved use.


The More Things “Change” The More They Stay The Same

The messianic fervor which has preceded Barack Obama’s expected ascension to the White House has alarming implications for freedom and is a painful reminder that most Americans have once again been suckered into believing that the two-party monopoly offers any kind of solution to the crisis that we face.


UK high street banks’ complicity in the arms trade

War on Want has just released a new report on the financing of uranium weapon and cluster bomb manufacturers by UK banks. It adds to the data released by ICBUW last year that found that RBS and Barclays invested in DU. You can now add HSBC and Lloyds to that list.


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