It's Not a Tumor, Doctors Find Worm In Woman's Brain Instead

Doctors in Arizona thought a Phoenix-area woman had a possible brain tumor, but it turned out there was something else penetrating her brain – a worm.


US 'in need of rebellion'

Al Jazeera speaks to Howard Zinn, the author, American historian, social critic and activist, about how the Iraq war damaged attitudes towards the US and why the US "empire" is close to collapse.


Israel Bans International Media from Gaza, Arrests Activists

Israel has banned foreign journalists from entering Gaza to cover the deteriorating humanitarian situation there as the country 's complete closure of the territory enters a third week.


Searching Beyond Google

Most Web searching uses just a few providers. But according to technology writer Erik Sherman, there is a vast territory in the "invisible Web" that refers to databases connected to the Internet but not available for indexing by popular search engines, each with its own search capability.


Will the US take responsibility for 1 million Iraqi deaths?

I recently received a set of questions from Le Monde Diplomatique reporter Kim Bredesen about the 2007 Project Censored story about 1,000,000 Iraqi deaths due to the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. The questions and answers are, I think, useful in framing both the untold story of the slaughter in Iraq and the failure of the U.S. media to report on its extent or on U.S. culpability for the deaths of 4% of the Iraqi population.


How the U.S. Government is Covering Up HPV Vaccine Side Effects

On October 21, 2008 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in association with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued a report on Gardasil vaccine safety that amounts to a cover-up of serious reactions, including paralysis and deaths, that have been reported to the government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).


Cosmic Cointelpro Timeline - 1912 Federal Reserve Act

Thus we have Warburg's agent in Washington, Col. House, assuring him that the Senate and Congressmen will do what he desires, and that the President-elect "thought straight concerning the issue." In this context, representative government seems to have ceased to exist. (Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Griffin, 1952)


Billions for the Bankers - Debts for the People

Today, as we stand before the dawn of a New World Order run by internationalist financiers, most of the revenue collected by the Federal government in the form of individual income taxes will go straight to paying the interest on the debt alone. At the rate the debt is increasing, eventually we'll reach a point where, even if the government takes every penny of its citizens' income via taxation, it will still not collect enough to keep up with the interest payments.
The government will own nothing, the people will own nothing, and the banks will own everything. The New World Order will foreclose on America.


Hillary Clinton Likes It Hot

The 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of the worst war criminals alive, who was instrumental in the deaths of millions within Vietnam, Cambodia, Middle East, East Timor, Southern and Central America, Henry Kissinger says Hillary Clinton, as the Barack Obama’s Seretary of State, would be an “outstanding appointment.”


Why the universe may be teeming with aliens

As astronomers explore newly discovered planets and create computer simulations of virtual worlds, they are discovering that water, and life, might exist on all manner of weird worlds where conditions are very different from those on Earth. And that means there could be vastly more habitable planets out there than we thought possible.
READ MORE: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20026831.600-why-the-universe-may-...

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