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How to make a paedo superstar, here is how you make paedophilia mainstream. From the shithole Stuff.co.nz

Would you be inclined to buy makeup because a 10-year-old boy is showing you how to create a look on Instagram? If we're talking about Jack Bennett of @makeuupbyjack, then the answer could well be a resounding yes.

Since convincing his mother to start his account in May, young Bennett, who lives in Berkshire, England, has amassed 331,000 followers and attracted the attention of brands like MAC and NYX, which have offered products to create looks. Refinery29 has celebrated him as the next big thing in makeup.
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Is #Pizzagate Fake News

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It is Earthquake Alert Time Again

Over the past 48 hours, a “progression” of seismic pressure took place across thousands of miles of the West Pacific, heading from Fiji to Japan, and beyond.

Several M5.0+ earthquakes have occurred spreading from the location of the deep earthquakes near Fiji heading across the whole of the West Pacific all the way to Japan / Korea.
MORE: https://www.dutchsinse.com/11162017-earthquakes-are-spreading-across-the...

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