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So another war begins......

As I read the titles of the news just now, I died inside a little. I won't lie, it hit me right in the heart. They wanted their war and now they have it. The coordinated efforts and nodding heads on all sides make this whole ordeal even worse.

People are in Syria. Real people. People like you and me. Those people are in the middle of this war. They will be killed, tortured, their towns bombed, their country ravaged.

I look at the thread on r/worldnews. I see people making jokes, others nod their heads in agreement. Assad had it coming, right? We need to avenge the children being gassed, right? It's all fair and just, the US and its European allies are doing it in the name of the people, of the Syrians, in the name of freedom......right? And those that disagree are Russian trolls, bots from the Kremlin, Assad's lackeys, child murderers and rapists.

Urgent - An Open Letter To The Chief Superintendent of Westminster Police (Take Note Jacinda)

Dear Chief Superintendent Rob Jones,

I sincerely hope this finds you well. My name is Richie Allen and I am a journalist based in Manchester. I was wondering if you were aware (you may not be) that as a matter of international law, the use or threat of force against the territorial integrity or political sovereignty of another State is illegal? International law dictates that force may only be used for the purposes of self defence and within the confines of necessity and proportionality. This prohibition on use of force is one of the norms that lawyers call 'jus cogens' (peremptory norms) and has been codified in Article 2(4) of the UN Charter. International law also prohibits States from acquiring territory through aggression or recognising such acquisitions made by other States. Please don't take my word for it Superintendent, ask any professor of law or international law for help. You are after all surrounded by universities there.

Google is always listening: Live Test

The Truth About Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg is Scum of the Earth

70,000 years ago, a nomadic star came within a light-year of the Sun, likely sending dozens of comets and asteroids tumbling out of the solar system

Around 70,000 years ago, a supervolcano named Toba erupted, blowing roughly 670 cubic miles (2,800 cubic kilometers) of vaporized rock and debris into the air. This is thought to have caused a massive struggle for humanity, ultimately leading to a population bottleneck that whittled down our numbers to as few as 1,000 reproductive adults. According to a 2015 study, during this pivotal point in human history, a small reddish star also was likely passing within a light-year of the Sun, just skimming the outer rim of the Oort cloud (the extended shell of over a trillion icy objects that is thought to cocoon the outer solar system).
READ MORE: http://www.astronomy.com/news/2018/03/wandering-star-shook-up-the-prehis...

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